Burl Furniture

Burl furniture is a trademark of true handcrafted rustic furniture. Burls have been highly prized by artists for the unique grain patterns that are incorporated into handcrafted burl furniture.

What is Burl?

What is a burl and where does it grow? Burl wood is a type of fast-growing, abnormal growth found on some trees. It grows because the tree has experienced some sort of environmental stress or damage, which is often caused by either a fungal attack or an attack by insects. Many of these burls are hidden within the tree’s root system. These hidden treasures can have a variety of patterns such as lace burl redwood, birds-eye maple, redwood burl, curly redwood, marbling or black walnut curl. This unusual and intriguing natural wood is highly desired by wood turners, gun makers and furniture craftsmen around the world.  It can be found in the form of veneer, lumber, turning blocks and reclaimed wood slabs.  The artist at Littlebranch Farm uses these natural wood burls to craft one-of-a-kind custom burl furniture. Our artist is a master craftsman that specializes in working with natural wood slabs and creating  rustic tables, twisted juniper lamps, rustic beds, rustic fireplace mantels, rustic office desk, rustic vanities and reclaimed wood dining table. Working with the natural free form live edge wood slabs, the master craftsman combines them with different styles of bases. One style is a natural root base creating a raw and organic natural look. Another style  is more medieval or simple rustic, using smaller burl slabs for the base. Antler bases create a western style and handcrafted metal bases create a contemporary rustic base. We can design the perfect base to complete the look you want. The warmth and beauty of natural wood furniture  is a complement to any home decor. The designing and crafting of rustic furniture or reclaimed wood furniture is only limited by what the imagination can conceive. The true hidden beauty is within the burl, the focal point of handcrafted burl furniture.

Rustic coffee table

Burl wood furniture with live edge wood slab and root base

burl wood bench

Burl wood furniture crafted from reclaimed redwood burl slabs are used in this rustic bench with root base, driftwood arms and real leather seat. it is 48″ long

Rustic coffee table

Natural wood coffee table made from a salvaged or reclaimed redwood wood slab and root base.

Rustic Table | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic table with reclaimed pepperwood burl wood slab and twisted juniper base. $795 SOLD

 rustic coffee table

Live edge natural wood coffee table features a 48″x32″ reclaimed old growth redwood burl wood slab supported by a root base

Burl wood furniture

Reclaimed burl wood furniture created from salvaged redwood burl slabs and driftwood. These can be custom designed to meet your needs.

burl wood furniture

rustic dining table, crafted from a salvaged old growth redwood root that have been milled into this unique burl wood slab with great burl pattern and movement. It is supported by a root base. Unique burl wood furniture

Reclaimed wood dining table

Rustic dining table with artistic burl wood chairs. The massive solid wood slab table is 11′ long and 48″ to 56″ wide and is supported by 2 large redwood root bases. The chairs are redwood burl slabs with driftwood arms and root bases. This reclaimed wood dining table was custom design and crafted to meet the customers needs. Unique rustic furniture


rustic bed

Artistic natural live edge rustic bed creates unique burl wood furniture


rustic tables

Rustic table features live edge redwood wood slabs. This table is 59″ long 31″ high and 33″ deep. Sold

Rustic Entertainment Center - Juniper and Maple |Littlebranch Farm

Rustic entertainment center with spalted maple top, glass doors, and twisted juniper accents. $2,985 SOLD


burl wood furniture

This abstract rustic table crafted from live edge lace burl redwood and straight grain redwood. Featured is 96″ long 18″ – 30″ wide and 38″ high. I can custom design to shape and size and wood species. Created by Kelly Maxwell

Rustic File Cabinet - Live edge walnut redwood | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic modern file cabinets made with reclaimed redwood slabs and walnut. 2-drawer: $3,000 | 4-drawer: $3,800 Rustic furniture for the office.

rustic computer desk

This artistic rustic office desk is crafted from reclaimed curly redwood slabs. This rustic office desk is 110″ wide 48″deep and features a pen drawer with antler pulls and exotic rustic executive chair. Custom burl wood furniture

natural wood tables

This contemporary rustic table features a live edge salvaged old growth redwood burl slab supported by a simple metal base. Burl furniture

redwood burl bedroom furniture

Rustic beds designed and handcrafted featuring live edge redwood burl slabs and eastern red cedar logs. This artistic rustic bed highlights the live edge and complex burl slabs and the stable warm beauty of the eastern red cedar logs. This rustic bed is a complement bedroom decor. Unique burl furniture

rustic table

rustic table crafted from recovered redwood root systems.

burl wood furniture

Rustic chair crafted from recovered redwood burl wood slabs with driftwood arms and root base. Burl furniture crafted to meet your needs

burl wood furniture

Abstract naturel wood tables designed and crafted to meet your needs. The pictured is 90″ long 20″ wide and 32″ high created using burl figured black walnut.


rustic furniture

Natural burl furniture crafted from live edge redwood burl slabs and recovered driftwood

natural burl furniture

Burl furniture custom designed and crafted maple burl accent table featuring big leaf maple burl slabs and redwood driftwood. The combination of the dark driftwood and the elegant grains of the big leaf maple burl speak to the complex nature of burl wood furniture that is the rustic elegance of natural wood furniture.

Rustic coffee table

Rustic coffee table, this buckeye burl slab is supported by a reclaimed wood base creating unique burl furniture.

natural wood redwood burl

artistic handcrafted 2 tier Redwood burl accent table with redwood root base

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