Barn wood Cabinets


barnwood cabnets

Rustic kitchen cabinet with natural wood counter tops on island and bar area. These rustic kitchen cabinets highlight this rustic kitchen with five piece doors solid wood dovetailed drawers in these rustic kitchen cabinets. Custom natural wood counters are also featured on the island counter and bar counter and bar top.

Barn wood cabinets are designed and crafted from barn wood that is recovered from historic barns and buildings that are 150 years old or more. This warm, stable recovered barn wood creates a natural rustic kitchen cabinets. The design can be simple to complex with five piece doors that feature natural circle marks.

Rustic kitchen cabinets

Natural wood cabinets

rustic kitchen cabinets

handcrafted rustic kitchen cabinets 

Natural wood counters are a natural complement to any rustic kitchen. These can be crafted using many species of wood like, live edge recovered old growth redwood burl, black walnut, maple and many more. This gives your home simple  warmth and elegance that most stone counters can not.

rustic doors

rustic cabinets

Rustic cabinets with hand forged hinges and natural wood counters of live edge old growth redwood.

Custom crafted hand forged hinges gives your barn wood cabinet project authentic frontier look and feel. Adding leather pulls or antler pulls or even a hand hammer farm style apron copper sink and natural wood counters will complete this authentic look and feel of your rustic kitchen.  The artist at Littlebranch Farm specialize in designing and crafting rustic furniture.  Although rustic cabinets are not our main stay many of our customers request use to complete there in tire home giving a natural flow through out there home. The design process starts in the early part of designing your home.

rustic cabinets

Barn wood cabinets that feature hand forged hinges and leather pulls. Natural wood counters feature live edge old growth redwood burl. The sink is a hand hammered cooper sink with a farm style apron


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