Rustic Vanities

Rustic vanities refer to rustic sink consoles and wood countertops built from live edge wood slabs, burl wood slabs, logs, stumps, and roots. Rustic bathroom vanities can be the capstone in the décor of a log or timber frame home or any rustic home for that matter.  Our rustic vanities are unique in quality, design and beauty. Each piece brings a unique quality that cannot be achieved through traditional cabinetry. Every custom-designed vanity delivers a special aesthetic and atmosphere to each bathroom in your home.

We also offer rustic vanity mirrors and American Dakota area rugs. The rustic vanity mirrors feature great live edge, burl, curl, beautiful color tones, and wildly unique grain pattern. Our rustic bathroom vanity mirrors are handcrafted from redwood burl, cedar logs, maple burl, barn wood, and walnut. Each rustic mirror is handcrafted to meet your needs.

American Dakota area rugs are designed and made in America, and pair really well with our rustic furniture. The design and quality of American Dakota rugs is impeccable, using high quality EnduraStran fibers that have extreme resilience and soil eversion properties and the Loc-Bak reinforced substructure. Any rugs seen in the photos below are available for purchase.

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Rustic vanity with curly redwood and moose antler base

Rustic Vanity with Curly Redwood Top and Moose Antler Base and Vessel Copper Sink. The fallow antler base is made from naturally occurring “sheds.” Dimensions are 55?(wide) x 18?-21?(deep) x 31?(tall).. $3,895. Click Here to Buy This Product: Vanity 01

Rustic bathroom vanity

Rustic vanity with live edge redwood old growth redwood burl wood slab and root base and copper vessel sink and pump style faucet. Dimensions are 43″(wide) x 21″(deep) x 33″(tall). Click Here to Buy This Product: Vanity 02

rustic bathroom vanity

Rustic bathroom vanity crafted using natural live edge redwood burl slab with redwood root base. Included, is a copper vessel sink and a pump style faucet. Dimensions are 37″(wide) x 16″-24″(deep) x 32″(tall). $3,595. Click Here to Buy This Product: Vanity 03



Sold Custom Vanities

These rustic vanities and log vanities were designed and custom made to fulfill customer orders. They have already been sold and are in the homes of happy customers. Essentially, this is an image history of completed custom vanity projects. These rustic vanities feature live edge, burl, curl, knots, great color tones, and unique grain pattern, and are made from redwood burl, twisted juniper, maple burl, antler, western cedar, and walnut.

In addition to rustic vanities and rustic mirrors, we also offer American Dakota area rugs. These rugs are designed and made in America, and pair really well with our rustic furniture.

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Rustic Bathroom Vanity Made from Juniper and Redwood | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic bathroom vanity – twisted juniper base with live edge reclaimed redwood for the vanity top and side shelves and a glass vessel sink. Dimensions are 34″(wide) x 22″(deep) x 36″(tall) $3,595.

Rustic bathroom vanity cabinet

Live edge redwood burl slab top vanity with chunky root base.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity with Redwood and Western Cedar | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic bathroom vanity made from a western cedar base and a live edge reclaimed redwood vanity top, copper sink and pump-style faucet. Dimensions are 28″(wide) x 24″(deep) x 36″(tall). $2,350.

Rustic live edge redar log stump bathroom vanity

rustic vanity with copper vessel sink and pump style faucet.

Stump Pedestal vanity | Littlebranch Farm

Log vanities crafted using natural logs creating stump pedestal vanities, feature hand hammered copper sink.

Rustic Log Vanity | Littlebranch Farm

Custom rustic log vanities crafted natural hickory lumber and eastern cedar logs. This is a solid wood vanity with full extension ball bearing glides and solid wood drawers. This vanity is 48″w 24″d x 35″h $950 We can also add a copper sink for as low as $150 Shipping will average $150 depending on services.

Rustic Stump Pedestal Vanity | Littlebranch Farm

Log vanities crafted from recovered eastern red cedar. We design and craft each unique creations one at a time not mass produced

Rustic Log Burl Vanity | Littlebranch Farm

Log vanities crafted from recovered cedar trees

rustic vanity

Handcrafted rustic log vanity with a redwood root base supporting alive edge redwood burl wood slab countertop and copper sink. The live edge redwood burl mirror completes the package.

rustic log vanities

Rustic vanities crafted from reclaimed old growth redwood roots and live edge natural wood countertops cut from burl slabs and feature handcrafted copper sink. A live edge redwood burl mirror completes this rustic bathroom.

rustic vanity

Rustic vanities crafted from twisted juniper logs and reclaimed old growth redwood slab wood top and shelves. This rustic vanity was custom designed and crafted for a couple in Boiling Springs, SC


Our log vanity or stump pedestal vanities are perhaps the most popular vanity that we sell. Built from the base of cedar trees, the character of crevices, live edge, varying color tones, and unique wood grain of the tree itself creates impressive focal points. Rustic log vanities are particularly appropriate for powder rooms or smaller bathrooms where space is limited but you still want that “wow” factor. An alternative to the log vanity is the moose antler vanity for the homeowner with an interest in wildlife. Whatever your preference, our log vanities are exceptional works of artisans who take pride in satisfied customers.

Log vanities

Rustic vanity crafted from cedar logs creating a unique log vanity.

Vanity designs for en-suite bathrooms are limited only by one’s imagination. Reclaimed barn wood, black walnut, redwood burl, maple burl, and other live edge wood natural wood countertops with copper sinks, stone sinks, and vessel bowls. From the room dimensions provided by the builder or homeowner, we custom-design and craft rustic vanities and consoles to blend with the décor and environment that you want to create. Our designs go into contemporary settings or rustic cabins and anything in between. Our promise to you is a deep sense of satisfaction every time you walk into the room.


Rustic vanity

Live edge rustic vanity crafted using reclaimed old growth redwood burl. This rustic vanity has natural wood countertop and was custom designed to meet the clients needs it is 60″w x 22″d x 33″h with 4″h vessel copper sink

As accompaniments to our rustic vanities, we also sell copper sinks and copper tubs in many shapes and sizes, for bathrooms and kitchens. Copper is particularly nice in a rustic design, as the natural patina of copper blends beautifully with the natural grain and colors of our rustic vanities. Our copper sinks are made from high grade hand-hammered copper with a minimum gauge thickness of 16.

Rustic vanities

A rustic vanity created from live edge old growth curly redwood. The base is built with real moose antler sheds. The copper sink, pump handle faucet, and live edge burl wood mirror complete this unique vanity.

rustic vanity

Rustic vanity corner storage cabinet crafted from natural live edge redwood burl. This unique corner cabinet creates extra storage space that will complement your rustic vanity.

burl wood cabinet

This simple topper cabinet creates extra storage space over your toilet area that complements your rustic vanity. This one is shown with antler handle option.

We design and craft unique log vanities using natural live edge burl wood native woods. We do not mass produce but give special attention to creating one of a kind rustic log vanities. In todays modern home anything goes, from contemporary to rustic the bar is lifted. The desire to go back to nature or bring nature closer. By incorporating natural wood vanities and live edge burl wood mirrors bring a organic natural warmth into your homes decor. Rustic log vanities feature a live edge freeform style combined with the natural burl wood and color tones found in burl furniture and natural wood furniture.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity | Littlebranch Farm

Natural log vanity crafted from standing dead cedar logs. Special care is taken in cleaning and sanding to preserve the natural “live edge” or outside edge of the log. The feature comes with a copper sink and faucet.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic log vanities crafted from cedar logs. These unique vanities come in many shapes and sizes and each featuring there own uniqueness. This one is 36″ high 28″ wide 24″deep and comes with copper sink and faucet.

rustic vanities

A live edge natural wood rustic vanity created from a salvaged old growth redwood burl root base and curly redwood top. This vanity is 24″ deep by 37″ tall and  36″ wide. The vanity comes with an apron copper sink and faucet.


rustic log vanities

This rustic vanity is crafted from a recovered old growth redwood root and live edge burl slab with a copper sink and faucet.


rustic vanities

A rustic vanity created from real moose antler sheds and a live edge redwood burl slab full of burl, curl, and natural color tones.


log vanities

This custom rustic vanity with moose antler sheds and an end grain redwood log has a copper sink, accompanied by a live edge burl wood mirror with fallow antlers and custom side tables.



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rustic vanities

Live edge maple burl slab with copper vessel sink.

rustic vanities

Unique rustic vanity  crafted from salvaged old growth redwood root and copper vessel sink.

Barnwood vanities are made from rough circle sawn wood recovered from barns and other buildings built 100 or more years ago.

rustic vanities

Salvaged old growth redwood slab and cabinet with unique grains.

rustic vanities

Custom rustic log vanity designed and crafted out of a cedar log stump. Natural wood vanities like this custom stump vanity bring nature into your home.

redwood burl vanity

This rustic vanity is crafted from the root of a redwood tree. The unique twist and burly root combined with the redwood burl slab creates a handcrafted one-of-a-kind rustic vanity and features a round farm style rustic sink and a pump style faucet.









rustic vanities

Handcrafted barn wood vanity crafted from 150 year old recovered barnwood.  This vanity features five-piece doors with solid wood dovetail corner drawers. A rustic mirror, also from recovered barnwood, was crafted to match the rustic barn wood vanity.







Rustic Log Burl Vanity | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic log vanities created using recovered old growth redwood burl with root base.


rustic log vanity

This is a rustic log vanity that features hickory wood, cedar logs, and a rustic mirror from cedar logs.

rustic vanity

Handcrafted custom contemporary rustic vanity crafted from hickory and black walnut and featuring a natural live edge mirror from black walnut.

rustic vanity

log vanity feature rustic mirrors crafted from cedar log, Live edge cedar with real antler handles.

rustic vanity

Handcrafted crafted from 150 year old barnwood, this vanity features five piece door solid wood dovetail corner drawers and barnwood mirror with circle saw marks.

rustic vanities

Vanity crafted from live edge cedar and salvaged barnwood.


rustic vanities

Custom crafted from redwood burl and featuring a stone sink.