Natural Wood Countertops


Natural wood countertops

Natural wood countertops handcrafted from solid wood slabs or trees slabs that feature the natural live edge, knots, curly figure, burl, marbling, and unique color tones. Wood countertops take on a whole new look and feel in the hands of an artist, bring to life the unique grains and rich color tones found in the wood slabs or tree slabs. This combination of “live edge” wood slabs that feature burl, curl, marbling, knots, and soft color tones in the wood grain. These unique wood grain patterns create a warm inviting atmosphere that comes with natural wood countertops. With nature as our blueprint, we create functional thick wood slab countertops. Our designs emphasize the natural edge or outer edge of these unique tree slabs as well as other unique characteristics including burl, curly, knots, natural checks, cracks, color tones, and movement. By using salvaged tree slabs or reclaimed wood slabs we clean the forest floor, decreasing fuel for forest fires and allowing new growth to sustain the future. We only purchase or cut logs that have lived their lives in creating our rustic furniture, natural wood countertops, rustic bathroom vanities, rustic dining table, and rustic beds.  All of our rustic furniture reflect the individual characteristics of the tree or root system from which it was made, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Wood countertops

Wood countertop

Custom live edge wood countertop with twisted juniper columns

Natural wood countertop

Live edge slab wood countertop – Claro walnut.
We can custom build these to meet your needs. natural wood slab bar top

wood countertop

Live edge wood slab countertop crafted using reclaimed / salvaged old growth redwood. Twisted juniper accent column.


Natural wood countertops

Wood countertop handcrafted using reclaimed old growth redwood with exotic curly wood grain and natural live edge.

Wood Countertops

Natural wood countertops is crafted from spalted maple with unique quilting wood grain. This aged wood slab has live edge with rich color tones.

natural wood countertops

Wood countertop are handcrafted from rare salvaged old growth curly redwood slabs with natural live edge. The slabs are 3″ thick with wild exotic curl and movement.

wood countertops

Natural wood countertops created using reclaimed and salvaged old growth redwood. This large wood slab or tree slabs features “live edge” and warm burl and curly movement. The simple cabinets with redwood slab doors and the half log caps accent the natural wood countertops.

wood countertop

Reclaimed wood countertop crafted using salvaged old growth redwood,. The project is accented by twisted juniper columns

slab wood countertops - wood countertops

Natural wood countertops with warm natural live edge and deep complex burl pattern. Unique slab wood countertops.

Natural wood countertops

Unique slab wood countertop with natural live edge and deep color tones, burl, curl and knots. The beauty of reclaimed wood native to the USA

natural wood countertops

Wood countertop handcrafted using a burl wood slab cut from a salvaged redwood root this unique wood slab has great color tones, curly and other wood grain pattern.


wood countertop

Live edge slab wood countertop was cut from a salvaged old growth redwood root system. These unique reclaimed wood slab complete and home decor. Unique rustic furniture.

wood countertop

Our Natural Wood countertop are crafted from reclaimed, salvaged old growth redwood or dead standing walnut trees that have lived their life. The featured wood countertop features a  black live edge.

wood countertop

Natural Wood countertops crafted from 3″ live edge recovered old growth redwood, complement the rustic knotty hickory cabinets. Created by Kelly Maxwell unique rustic furniture


wood countertop

Natural Wood countertops design and crafted as a multi function butcher block island table. The base is a solid metal base with redwood slabs accenting the ends with simple black walnut shelves. The top is 60″ by 40″ curly clack walnut slab with natural live edge on two sides. The top is finished with afoot safe mineral oil so it could be used as a kitchen prep area. $4275. ( click here or picture to order nwtisland6x )

The pictured projects are examples of some of our work.  Some pieces may be listed as for sale with a link to purchase that item. Please call or file the information form and submit below.

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