Rustic Beds


Rustic beds are built from wood that originated in nature and bypassed lumber mills, thus retaining inherent qualities of natural wood. Rustic beds change a room from usual to unique and create an inviting depth and dimension to any bedroom. From live edge burl slab beds and twisted juniper beds to handcrafted log beds, we offer the widest selection of one-of-a-kind beds found anywhere.

Twisted juniper furniture

Rustic bed handcrafted using juniper logs and burl wood slabs. Custom bunk bed as unique Twisted juniper furniture

Rustic modern platform bed

Simple but elegant chic rustic platform bed. This rustic modern platform bed has a floating clean cut wood slab maple burl platform with a live edge fiddle back Claro walnut headboard. The reclaimed barn wood accent wall frames this uniqie bed. Also shown is a custom designed accent table with clean cut maple burl with handforged metal work by our blacksmith. Ethically sourced wood native to the USA .

live edge burl wood slab bed

This platform rustic bed is complete with a wild lace burl redwood headboard. The bed is king size. $ 5,495. Click Here to buy this product: Bed 02

live edge wood slab rustic beds

This rustic modern platform bed incorporates clean, simple, streamlined design with a live-edge redwood burl slab headboard, perfect for the country home or modern downtown condo.

Live Edge burl wood slab bed

Live edge redwood burl slab bed. $7,500 SOLD. Shipped to Ridgway, CO

Rustic beds

Rustic live edge redwood burl slab bed with tons of burl, curl and figure. California king size.

Custom Rustic log beds

Rustic redwood burl slab and cedar log bed. $ SOLD

Live edge wood slab rustic beds

Rustic beds artistically designed and crafted around the natural live-edge burl wood slabs

rustic beds

Handcrafted rustic log bed created from reclaimed logs with gnarl, knots and twist. This is a example of our rustic log beds

Rustic beds

Elegant natural wood bed crafted from reclaimed old growth redwood roots. It’s is featured in it new home in Fairfield, NC at this beautiful water front retreat.

burl wood furniture

Natural wood rustic beds crafted from reclaimed old growth redwood burl slab. These are each one of a kind and come in king or queen, the featured photo is a king size. The headboard is 64″ high and 130″ wide. For more info reference ( bwsbk12) in the form below.

burl wood slab bed

Contemporary rustic beds designed and crafted using salvaged redwood burl slabs. The unique burl and curl found in this live edge slab brings natures harmony into your homes decor.

rustic log beds

Rustic beds crafted from reclaimed old growth redwood slabs and eastern red cedar logs created by artist Kelly Maxwell

slab wood bed

Artistically designed rustic beds with natural live-edge redwood burl slabs. The organic natural movement found in these burl wood slabs create unique rustic beds and burl wood furniture.

Rustic beds

Rustic beds come in many styles, from rustic log beds and handcrafted burl wood slab beds, to recovered barn wood beds.  The most sought after style is the rustic log bed.  These rustic beds are crafted from most any log such as hickory, cedar, oak, black walnut, pine or aspen.  Our artist exclusively uses trees that have reached the end of their natural life rather than cutting standing live trees.  This stewardship helps to form a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the forest.  As our artist carefully harvests fallen trees, taking care to protect nursery trees, the forest floor is cleared, reducing the fuel load for forest fires and providing space for young trees to grow.  Harvested trees are cleaned, sanded, and crafted with mortise and tenon joints.  Our artist takes special care to work with nature’s design in order to create elegant rustic beds that will transform your bedroom and last a lifetime as reclaimed wood furniture.

live edge furniture

Live edge rustic bed crafted from salvaged old growth redwood roots. The featured king size bed has great burl wood slabs creating a unique rustic bed and is a great example of live edge furniture. This style bed are priced at $7500 and up. Please check the in stock and for sale to see current inventory.


burl wood furniture

Free form natural live edge rustic beds created from salvaged old growth redwood burl slabs. Featured is a king that stands 67″ tall. These come in king or queen size and can be custom designed to meet your needs. for more information on purchasing this beds reference ( bwsbk13 ) on form at the bottom of the page

burl wood slab beds

Handcrafted live edge wood slab beds. This rustic bed is crafted by combining the natural logs and live edge wood slabs.

rustic bed

Handcrafted rustic log bed with live edge redwood burl slabs.
It is a large king size with a 78″ high headboard with twisted gnarly cedar logs.
$5500 (To purchase this rustic log bed ) 

live edge burl wood rustic bed

Old growth redwood burl slab bed. This natural live edge burl wood slab bed is another gorgeous example of the endless diversity of rustic beds.

The reclaimed old growth redwood burl slabs  that our artist uses to create each unique piece have quite an interesting story to tell.  The burl wood slabs are recovered from root systems and logs left over from loggers in the late 19th century. Our artist purchases burl wood slabs exclusively from harvesters (or companies) that operate in an environmentally conscious manner.

live edge wood slab bed

Natural live edge black walnut slab bed features handcrafted dovetail joints. Artistic rustic bed.

A live edge burl wood bed is designed and crafted using natural burl wood slabs as the main focal points. With this style, we can also incorporate natural logs with live-edges and soft color tones to contrast the deep natural burl wood slabs. Some types of  burl wood slabs that may be used are redwood burl slabs, maple burl slabs and black walnut slabs. These unique wood slabs show the hidden beauty that evolved during the tree’s life. This hidden beauty of unique burl, curl, and marbling, combined with the live-edge wood slabs, turns these rustic beds into breathtaking works of art.

rustic beds

Elegant rustic log bed crafted from eastern red cedar is unique and wild but captures the raw elegance of rustic log furniture.

Does a long forgotten barn, hidden behind a stand of trees, spark your imagination? How many weddings, births, or joyous gatherings have those walls seen? Rustic furniture made from recovered barn wood gives these treasures a new life. The warm patina of the aged wood seems to emanate a sense of peace inviting you to take a moment to unwind. The simple old world craftsmanship draws the eye to the circle saw patterns and hand hewn features that are the marks of true reclaimed wood furniture

rustic bed

Reclaimed barn wood bed

reclaimed wood bed

Reclaimed wood bed. This contemporary reclaimed wood platform bed is crafted using 150 year old reclaimed barn wood an features drawer storage built into the platform.

Rustic Bed

Live edge burl wood slab rustic bed!


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