Rustic Log Beds

rustic log bed

Rustic log beds designed and crafted to bring out the natural beauty of the logs. Kelly seeks out gnarly, knotty, twisted logs, root flares and color tones. Creating unique rustic log beds. These are example crafted by Kelly Maxwell

We design and craft our rustic log beds out of eastern red cedar. These trees are plentiful in our area and have lots of natural knurl and knots. The artist at Littlebranch Farm harvest only dead trees. By harvesting our own logs we are able to seek out the best of the best that nature has to offer. Working with natures hand work of twist, curves, burl, knurl and knot a natural one-of-a-kind  rustic log beds is born.

Our Mountain man log bed is our basic style rustic log bed. This simple but elegant log bed and is crafted from logs that have no burl or knurl and very few knots, representing most of the logs we harvest in nature.

rustic log beds

Custom rustic log beds artistically crafted from natures creation.

The outside or natural live edge of these logs are used to crafted many styles and types of natural wood furniture. Rustic beds, rustic vanities, natural wood countertops, rustic fireplace mantels all feature the natural live edge, creating what is also known as live edge furniture. A unique southwestern rug by American Dakota will complement any natural wood furniture. To complement the rustic qualities of these beds, we also offer handcrafted copper bathroom sink, copper kitchen sink and handcrafted copper tubs.

rustic beds

custom rustic log beds designed and crafted by Kelly Maxwell

rustic bed

Rustic log beds handcrafted using eastern red cedar

cedar log bed

Natural wood log bed crafted from cedar trees.


rustic log bed

Mountain man log beds come in King, queen, full and twin size. Each are designed and handcrafted from eastern red cedar trees. Giving this rustic bed a one-of-a-kind look in a basic log bed. Te smaller logs will complement any rustic decor.

log bed

King size Mountain Man bed crafted from natural cedar trees.












The custom live edge log bed is crafted with the same logs as the Mountain Man style but these logs have a lot more knots, gnarl, burl, curl and color. These are custom crafted to the size you need.

rustic bed

custom Cedar log bed King or Queen size each is a one of a kind creation by Kelly Maxwell

Handcrafted log beds

What is a custom log bed? A custom log bed is designed and crafted from highly figured cedar logs. This natural figure of scars, burls, knots, knurl, twisted log and forked logs is what sets off a custom log bed out of eastern red cedar. Each custom log bed is a one-of-a-kind rustic bed and will complement rustic decor.

rustic cedar log bed

Rustic log bed with a simple twist. This one-of-a-kind rustic log bed designed and crafted out of eastern red cedar is a great example of a rustic log bed that will last a life time enjoyment to any rustic decor

rustic custom log bed

rustic elegance at its best. This custom log bed brings balance and calm with a twist of wild. The knots and knurl with the wild twisted log are the statements in this true rustic classic a true one-of-a-kind custom log bed will brighten any rustic decor

Custom Cedar log bed

custom Cedar log bed King or Queen size each is a one of a kind creation by Kelly Maxwell

cedar log bed

The classic custom log bed crafted from eastern red cedar is a example that there are no limits is rustic log beds. This custom log bed features lamps and end tables crafted into the log bed





































The signature  series is the best of the best, only the wildest most unique logs are used. These are massive rustic log beds featuring 10″ plus diameter logs post, burl, curl, gnarl, knots, twist and limbs.

rustic log bed

Artistic rustic log bed crafted by Kelly Maxwell

Heart cedar log beds are crafted from the heart of the cedar tree. These are trees that have been dead for many years lying on the forest floor allowing for the sap wood to decay away leaving the heart of the tree. These rustic beds are extremely rare as we only collect a few logs a year.

Rustic log canopy beds from simple basic Mountain Man style to a signature bed. These are custom built to meet your needs.


We look forward to working with you in designing and crafting the style rustic log bed that will meet your needs.

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