Rustic Log Furniture

rustic furniture recovered barnwood cabinets If you are looking to transform your home or change the furniture in your log home, rustic log furniture  or live edge furniture is a great option to consider.  The rustic nature of this style of live edge furniture furniture brings a warmth to any room.  The grain and texture of the wood is intentionally maintained, which provides extra texture and warmth to a room.

When the logs used to make this live edge furniture are in the hands of Little Branch Farm artist, the end result is a piece of natural live edge furniture that is both unique and beautiful.  They are able to craft furniture for any room or occasion.  These remarkable craftsmen are able to bring out the beauty of wood to produce a unique piece of rustic furniture.

Rustic log furniture is designed around the natural shape of the logs, like burl, knots, cat’s-eyes, knurl and color. By designing live edge furniture around natures handiwork  you are able to capture the soothing warmth and beauty of nature.  The only limits in rustic log furniture is our own imagination, so let the creative juices flow, nature has done all the work all we are doing is bring out the hidden beauty.

Our artist use natural live edge redwood burls, cedar logs, hickory logs, maple burls, twisted juniper, natural wood black walnut burl to craft these beautiful pieces. Rustic log furniture utilizes all kinds of wood, not just logs.  Many pieces incorporate live edge burl wood slabs.  These wood slabs have unique character that is highly valued and adds a unique look to the finished piece.  No two pieces of live edge burl wood have the same features, so each rustic piece of furniture has its own unique look and feel.

Take the time to look at some of the rustic log furniture presented here at Little Branch Farm.  If you see something you like feel free to call or email us for more information.  We love making this live edge furniture and love talking about it as well.  Your next remodel project should include a piece of rustic log furniture, let us craft you a special piece or learn to craft your own furniture.

rustic furniture

Our artistic rustic log furniture. Handcrafted live edge natural wood bed crafted from redwood burl

rustic log furniture

Handcrafted rustic log beds

rustic log furniture

rustic log beds

Rustic Furniture

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