Rustic Tables

Rustic tables

Rustic Tables that are handcrafted by our artisans provide charm and elegance to any room.  Rustic tables, built from live-edge natural wood slabs and unique burl and curl slabs can go in any room, from a kitchen nook , dining room, to an office or executive conference room. Below, you will find a collection of some of our tables, designed and built for our clients. Each individual piece is designed and handcrafted to your specifications.

driftwood furniture

This organic rustic table features responsibly source live edge burl wood slabs and driftwood for a balanced artistic burl wood furniture.

live edge wood slab dining table

Custom rustic dining table> This claro walnut live edge wood slab dining table features uphoulstered dining chaie and wood slab benches. Above rustic dining table hangs a real antler chandiler that is covered by a suspended from the ceiling.

Rustic modern dining table

Rustic dining table – Handcrafted out of a rare curly redwood slab supported by classic metal base ( rustic modern) The chairs are high back leather fabric combo. Medevial meets rustic modern – simply elenant!

Glass Top Dining Table with Root Base

Glass top table with root base. This dining table is 6′ round and comfortably seats 6-8 people. $4,500. Click Here to Order This Product: DTF 07 Call or email about the dining chairs


rustic dining table

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with metal, root, or wood slab base. Custom rustic dining table Dimensions are 93″(long) x 45″-55″(wide) x 3″(thick). Base options include metal–$6,500, wood slab–$7,000, and root–$7,500. ==ON SALE== OCT 28-NOV 7 metal–$6,000, wood slab–$6,500, and root base–$7,000 (sale only on this table and the table below). Click Here to Buy This Product: DTF 06


Rustic dining table

Claro walnut live-edge rustic dining table with metal base. This table is a perfect mixture of rustic, industrial, and modern design. Reclaimed wood dining table.Table top measures 96″ by 45″. Other available bases include vertical wooden slab base, root/stump base, and different metal bases. Click Here to Buy This Product: DTF 01

Live egd rustic dining table

Modern designed rustic dining table crafted from a reclaimed live edge claro walnut wood slab supported by industrial metal base.

Reclaimed wood dining table / live edge rustic conference

Reclaimed wood dining table or rustic dining table with metal base. This huge, 10 foot reclaimed redwood slab has live-edge and beautiful wood tones and curly wood grain.  Unique live edge rustic conference table. The combination of the rustic wood and simple metal. $13,500. Click Here to Buy This Product: DTF 02 

Live Edge Young Growth Redwood Dining Table | Littlebranch

The young growth or second growth table top is full of gorgeous and bright color tone and wide grain/ring patterns. This redwood slab is highly figured, full of curl and movement. The chunky root base is beautifully figured. Both the tabletop and the base are finished with a natural, hand-rubbed finish. Dimensions are 96″(long) x 45″-50″(wide) x 31.5″(tall). $8,500. This product: DTF 05 SOLD

Rustic Dining Table with Glass Top and Root Base | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic dining table with glass top and root base. Dimensions are 6′(long) x 2.5′(wide) x 30″(tall). SOLD

Rustic Dining Table with Redwood and Metal Trestle Base | Littlebranch Farm

Rustic redwood dining table with metal Trestle base. SOLD

Rustic redwood dining table

Live edge reclaimed wood dining table or rustic dining table with tree stump base. Dimensions are 96″(long) x 34″-55″(wide) x 3″(thick). $4500. SOLD.

Rustic dining table

Eclectic rustic table crafted from redwood burl wood slabs. This elegant reclaimed wood furniture was designed and handcrafted by Kelly Maxwell. The massive 10′ by 53″ to 58″ and 4″ thick old growth redwood slab is supported by a artistic live edge redwood burl root slab.The unique movement found in these burl wood slabs create an elegant rustic dining table. SOLD. This table finds it home in Brentwood, TN.

redwood dining table

Rustic tables designed and crafted from natural live edge old growth redwood slabs recovered from log left behind by logger centuries ago, in New York City. Elegant rustic dining table

Rustic tables can be designed and crafted from reclaimed old growth redwood trees and stumps. These reclaimed old growth redwood trees and stumps were left behind from turn-of-the-century logging. Left behind logs and stumps slowly decaying on the forest floor, hold hidden treasures in their unique grain patterns such as burl, curl, marbling, color tone, other grain movement and natural live edge.  On first glance, many who look at these decaying logs and stumps cannot see the hidden beauty, but on closer inspection, the beauty within is revealed. The hidden treasure is buried within patterns and imperfections of the wood, and as we cut these logs and stumps into live edge slabs, we discover the beauty of patterns that create our natural burl furnitureRustic table are one type of burl furniture.  Rustic tables come in many shapes, sizes and tree species. At Littlebranch Farm, we work with live edge wood slabs, reclaimed redwood burl, maple burl, black walnut and many other species to create our artistic rustic table. Here are some examples of rustic tables created by our artists.

rustic table

Contemporary rustic table. This highly figured curly redwood slab is supported by simple metal bases. It measures 10′ long 36″-40″ wide and 3″ thick slab. This contemporary rustic table finds it home in North Carolina.

rustic table

Large wood slab of curly redwood. Live edge table on western cedar base, in Park City, UT

live edge tables

Rustic table with artistic burl wood slab chairs. The massive wood slab table features natural live edge wood slabs it is 11′ long and 48″ to 56″ wide and is supported by 2 large redwood root bases. The chairs are redwood burl slabs with driftwood arms and root bases. This live edge table was custom design and crafted to meet the customers needs. We have many live edge slabs and would be happy to create you furniture needs.

Live-edge furniture

Rustic dining table crafted using natural live-edge black walnut wood slab supported by artistic twisted juniper wood base. Each twisted juniper base is unique and no two are alike.

rustic dining table

Large burl wood slab with natural live edge crafted into a rustic table with western cedar base.

Each live-edge table has its own charm in natural wood furniture. The character of the wood slab is maintained and the natural beauty is preserved in detail. Whether you’re looking for a rustic table for the dining room, a conference table that seats 10, a coffee table, or an accent table for your living room, the artisans at Littlebranch Farm can craft that perfect, one of a kind piece.

live edge table

Live edge table crafted from salvaged old growth redwood trees and roots. The featured slab wood table features western cedar root base and cedar log chairs.


Rustic dining table

Live edge burl wood slab rustic table with root base

rustic conference table

Natural wood slab with live edge is from a salvaged old growth redwood tree. Creating a unique rustic table or conference table.


rustic table

Large wood slab curly redwood dining table featuring natural live edge and two western cedar root bases.

wood slab tables

Solid wood slab rustic table features natural live edge with split burl wood root bases. The table top is 9′ long and 48″ wide and is one piece of wood, a old growth redwood. The base is a burl wood root cut in half showing the natural beauty of the root and its burl pattern inside.


burl wood table

Artistic burl wood dining table with live edge redwood burl wood slab with root base


rustic dining table

Natural live edge slab wood table with black walnut base and features moose paddles on base.

live edge tables

Salvaged old growth redwood slab with natural live edge wood slab on a natural wood root base.

rustic tables

Rustic table 56″ wide and 10′ long crafted from recovered old growth redwood slabs. The base is a half log cap for a redwood tree.

slab wood table

simple straight grain redwood slab rustic table.

Care for your custom natural wood slab table.

The recommended average relative humidity level is between 35% and 45%. This range will provide the best comfort for your family, while helping to protect your musical instruments, drywall, wood furniture and other belongings or materials from the damaging effects of dryness or excessive moisture.

As relative humidity levels actually fluctuate depending on climate and air temperature, I’ve provided an average range to make it simpler to follow. How a home handles humidity depends on many factors including design, construction, vapor retarders and how airtight the building is. You can learn more about relative humidity by following the links provided here.

During cold winters, your heating system can make the air in your home very dry and uncomfortable for you. This dryness can also cause solid wood items to crack. To improve the air quality, you can add a humidifier to those rooms where you spend the most time, or you can install a whole house humidifier to your heating system.

In the summer when you are not heating and depending on the climate in your area, there may be too much moisture in your home, which can cause damaging mildew. To control for excessive moisture, you need a dehumidifier, which removes unwanted humidity.


Rustic Tables

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